Politically Correct Videos

All videos in this section either show feminist protests, or Pro-feminist movements

Bahar Mustafa, Goldsmith student’s union officer, created the hashtag #killallmen and barred white men from attending a university get-together based upon their race and gender. Here is her response when she is accused by the police of Racism and Sexism


The “Horror” Film- Can’t tell if this is Satire or if this is what Feminists Actually view as a horror film

Feminist Protester at Bill Cosby show Gets Violent, Illegally destroys MRA protester’s Sign Right in front of police, Cop does nothing about it

Two Disgusting FKH8 Video Exploits little Children to sell Feminist T-shirts


The Warren Farrel’s Speech on Male Suicide In Toronto at the University of Toronto

Feminists Protesting the Men’s Conference in Detroit Michigan


Feminist known as “Big Red” who is a University Professor

Feminists in Private Conference Suggest to Abolish the White Race and Abolish Men

Karen Straughan’s Q&A

Pro-abortion feminists protesting Argentina Cathedral, Peaceful Men protect it