Suicide is one of the leading killers of men. The gender gap for suicide is huge, men kill themselves at nearly four times the rate as females. Men have a higher chance of pulling the trigger on themselves than on their partner. Male suicide is a huge problem, yet, many times it is overlooked. Men become introverted when it comes to their feelings, become aggressive and agitated more easily. They’re less likely to seek help and more likely to use controlled substances such as alcohol in order to deal with their depression. Many will use humor to cover up their pain, a way to hide it. Some would argue that the mere problem with this is due to the fact that it isn’t talked about enough, which has no relation to feminism. However, what no one will ever say is that it’s due to feminism for the lack of public conversation on the situation. People who are already familiar with feminist hypocrisy already foresee the example I am about to give. If you’re not familiar, prepare yourself for a repulsive reality. (due to technical difficulties a link must be used to view this media) 

It was an illegal protest that was ENCOURAGED by their ‘women’s studies’ professor (aka feminist assimilation teacher). Apparently calling a man scum, is acceptable and in no way insulting because she was ‘obviously’ being oppressed by his presence at the presentation. Male suicide isn’t talked about, because it’s protested (even if illegally) out of the conversation. I’ve even heard of some feminists singing “Cry Me A River” when it comes to male suicide…yet they proclaim to be for the equality and happiness of all humans.


However, suicide’s source in men has been extremely overlooked. Yes, mental health is a factor, but no one actually stops to ask what was causing their mental health issues in the first place. The mental health industry, believe it or not, is only there to make money and mental illness does not pop up without a cause. Chemical imbalance is actually a theoretical process, it has no scientific evidence to confirm anything, thus until that time drugs are NOT the solution, they are the wall between people and their actual problems. It is a mirage to make you happy, but it’s not really there. (I WILL note that if you ARE on psychotropic, NEVER instantaneously stop taking them, Consult a doctor to withdraw from them safely!)

Some of the signs of male depression:

  • Consumption of controlled substances
  • Gets defensive when talking about sensitive subject
  • Is easily agitated or even aggressive
  • Uses comedy or sarcasm to talk about problems in their lives


The cause of Robin Williams’ suicide was painted by the public as a result of depression. However, what Authors failed to mention were his ex wives robbing him of his money and depriving him of his children for years on end. He was also a recovering alcoholic, a common trait amongst extremely depressed men. His ex-wives leached, at the very least, 30-million  dollars worth of alimony before his death. The breaking point came when he found about his illness, Parkinson’s Disease. Unfortunately the court systems do not care about his health, he would have had to find a way to maintain his Alimony payments, pay for his current bills, and treat his disease all while disintegrating. Even worse, in some states, his wife at the time would be liable to pay for any money that he was unable to obtain (this is how Feminism also affects women negatively).  He snapped, and everyone saw the results. To simply paint it as ‘depression’ is insulting, because it hides the truth behind his misery.

Stories like this are not uncommon, however, none are as known as that of Robin Williams. In other words many men are currently suffering through court-enforced unfair laws and biased rulings.

Causes are, but not limited to:

  • Parental Alienation (court not enforcing visitation)
  • Unfair Divorce Rulings (leading to homelessness, loss in family possessions, losing things you paid for)
  • Unrealistic Child Support Rulings (Taking so much so that you cannot pay your own bills)
  • Unrealistic Alimony Rulings (Taking so much so that you cannot pay your own bills, forcing new wife to contribute)
  • Divorce leading to homelessness


If you or anyone you know have symptoms of depression here are a few things that could help

  1. Talk about it, there is a high probability that there are others within your area that feel the same, try getting a support or protest group together so that your voice can be heard. Instead of letting those emotions build up inside, harness your anger to do something productive with others that feel the same way.
  2. Use a hobby to express your feelings, photography, creating songs, lifting weights, playing a video game, or playing a sport
  3. Always remember the BEST revenge is ALWAYS to live well. Killing yourself will mean nothing to an already heartless person, a matter of fact it’s probably what they want. If they are keeping your children away from you, they want to see you break down without them. However, if you live your life to its fullest, they will NEVER get the satisfaction they were seeking.
  4. If you are homeless, let the words ‘you can’t’ be your biggest motivation to keep going. Some would say that if you’re not doing it for yourself then there’s no point, but many haven’t been in this degrading situation. If you are down in the dumps, if you are close to giving up feed off the harsh words of others to convince yourself to keep going. It was one of my biggest motivators, it helped me to be where I am today and not six feet under.


More veterans have committed suicide than have died in combat in the last two major wars combined. When veterans get home many face divorce, which usually means homelessness, parental alienation, and mountains of child support to look forward to. Being that most veterans are male, it is considered a male problem. Many feel that their country has betrayed them, they feel that they served their country and their welcome home was a stab in the back.

  • Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1
  • send a text message to 838255 to connect with VA responder
  • Chat Online