One of the most heinous crimes, it’s known to stand right next to domestic violence when it comes to National Issues. However, like Domestic Violence, rape is characterized as a male-perpetrated female problem. With many false statistics, . Just like Domestic Violence, simply the accusation of Rape can ruin a man’s life completely. The reason I say “a man’s life” is because it’s only ever males where the stigma sticks. Never does a female lose her job or good name based only on the allegations. However, even when convicted, many females get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Some have even gotten their sentences cancelled early! Even more disturbing, male victims are liable for paying their rapists’ child support should the perpetrator conceive.


The term of ‘rape’ has been tossed around so much that, today, it could mean practically anything a person wants it to mean. When most think of rape though, it is thought of forcing one person to perform a sexual act on another without their consent. Yet, the biggest controversy is what qualifies as consent. If you don’t have consent for sexual contact then it qualifies as rape, but when you bring into account other factors many things would legally qualify as rape. From sex when high or drunk at a party, to peer pressured into having sex in high school. Things, that in the past would qualify as life-lessons, now qualify as a horrible crime.


Both men and women are equally affected by sexual assault. When you look at research done by regular mainstream ‘research’ tactics. You’ll notice that men consist of less than 10% of rape victims. However, what these mainstream researchers won’t say is the term ‘forced to penetrate’ is the same thing as a man being raped. When you compare these statistics to that of rape and you combine it with ‘raped’ men, male rape victims are just as high as female rape victims.


Anything from staring at someone (stare rape) to saying yes but not really meaning yes, is considered rape by feminists. There are incidents where both parties are drunk and only the male is considered responsible (though both are technically not in a state to make decisions). The more people believe in statements like this:

— Katie (@yunglibertarian) December 6, 2014

The less they will be helping real victims of rape.

If you are a victim of rape:

  1. report it as soon as possible, if males are to be heard they MUST file a report at least AND make an electric documentation showing that you DID file a report.
  2. don’t wash yourself
  3. If you’re a female, try to refrain from opening your legs afterward
  4. If you’re a male, I would suggest placing a semi-oversized condom over your penis after the rape to retain any biological evidence (please note this is an idea and is not necessarily what ‘professionals’ suggest but then also note the professionals don’t pay particular attention to male victims of female perpetrators either)


Rape is stereotyped in women’s favor. In some countries, by definition, it is impossible for a woman to rape a man. It is also put off as though it is not harmful to the victim, laughable, and accepted by the public as normal.