a husband’s or wife’s court-ordered provision for a spouse after separation or divorce. It was established as the husband’s obligation or duty that in divorce, which initially only happened by fault, the woman was taken care of until she remarried. The format, both then and current, are based on the gender roles that the man should take care of the female. It is now, if genders are to be equal, in need of extreme reform as it is almost always in favor of females and is repeatedly abused by today’s females.


Data that is collected on behalf of people who legally report a crime. Archival Data has been shown, in gender based situations, to be completely unreliable due to the method of gathering information. Men are less likely to report due to scrutiny against them and are more likely to be arrested if they call for help in a domestic situation.

Effects Caused By Archival Data

  • Inflation of Female victims
  • Unrealistic Male victims
  • Inflation of Male Perpetrators
  • Uni-Directional Violence is Inflated
  • Bi-Directional Violence is Unseen


A term used to describe the action of bluntly vocalizing ones sexual desire toward an unknown party. However, feminists, consider any standard greeting such as ‘good morning’ or ‘how are you’ as catcalling.


The practice of officially or unofficially examining books, movies ect. and suppressing parts that are deemed ‘unacceptable’.


A feminist term used to describe male farting as associated with dominance and is thus “oppressive” towards women.


An anti-feminist term that mirrors mansplaining with the exception that an ideology (feminism) instead of an actual gender, is forcing their thoughts, ideas and ways to live down everyones throat.


Female Men’s Rights Advocate


Original- A repeated unwanted act. Being continuously bombarded even after being asked to stop.

Feminist- Anything that is subjectively unwanted, no matter it only happening once or their party being the antagonist/initiator of the conflict.


A twitter characteristic that allows a conversation to take place. A person joins a conversation by posting a numeral sign (#) followed by the conversation’s title.


A title given by feminists to female activists, who support men’s rights.


A feminist term that defines a woman against feminism on the basis that she somehow has been “corrupted” or “brainwashed” by the alleged patriarchy into hating women.


A feminist term used to describe men shoving their thoughts, ideas, and ways to live down women’s throats


A feminist term used to describe the action of men spreading their legs while in a sitting position. While riding on a bus or train, it is said to be oppressive because it forces people to cluster. This term often ignores male anatomy and/or the fact that women do the same with their legs.


Men Going Their Own Way- A way of life that strays away from the traditional male gender role as guardian in which a man focuses and invests on his own wants and goals.


The hatred of men through sexism (feminists claims that misandry does not exist)


Original Definition: The hatred of women

Feminist Misogyny: Anything and everything that doesn’t coincide with feminist belief. Many feminists however, contradict themselves in this aspect as they will label something as misogynistic while labeling characteristics of the same thing as empowering.


Men’s Rights Advocate- a person, male or female, who genuinely advocates for men’s nights, well-being and happiness.


A term that is used to describe a person seeing another as an object. The most commonly heard-of is sexual objectification. However, feminists fail to realize other forms exist. That it is a human way of helping to deal with the possibilities of rejection and guilt for natural human survival.



A system of values that is socially implemented, but not necessarily enforced, on a government’s citizens when pertaining to the attitudes towards certain subjects.

EXAMPLE: It is politically incorrect to hit a woman even in the act of defense.


Regular Definition: Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior (all races can equally be racist towards other races including whites towards blacks and vice-verse)

Feminist Definition: Prejudice plus power (this definition was created so that people could be racist towards others while simultaneously not fitting the criteria of being defined as a racist under this definition)


Racism specifically targeted towards the white race. There’s no such thing as Reverse Racism in the aspect that there is only racism. Feminists claim it is impossible to be racist towards whites due to feminism’s basic definition of racism (see above). That is the ONLY reason they claim it is impossible to be racist towards whites, because you must have ‘power’ to be racist (which is false).


Data based on surveying a group of people (names do not have to be given). Scientific survey is more likely to account for variables that would not regularly be accounted for in Archival Data.

Variables Such As

  • Equal Amounts of Males vs. Females
  • No Fear: Both Sides of the Story without facing charges
  • Anonymous Data: Don’t have to give names, more likely to tell the truth
  • Motivation: People aren’t motivated by getting the other in trouble


The feminist phrase used when a man stares at a woman for any significant amount of time, it is associated with him ‘raping’ her as he looks at her. This definition by feminists, assumes that the man is thinking provocative thoughts when he looks at the woman’s body.



A Feminist phrase that accuses a person of blaming a victim of Domestic Violence or Rape for their perpetrator’s actions. This phrase is highly misused due to simple actions, such as questioning a self-proclaimed victim’s story, are categorized (by feminists) as ‘victim blaming’.

  • Doug Lefelhocz

    “A title given by feminists, to female activist, who either denounce feminism or support men’s rights.”

    I believe that the term “honeybadger” actually originates from the MRA Tara Palmatier. Interesting site overall.

    • coranewbold

      It was used as an insult at first due to its traditional meaning, but it was spun into a tagline which anti-feminists accepted and made it their name.