Feminist Logic

screenshot-twitter com 2015-09-02 06-08-43Ashley Hopkins lives comfortably in New York city, has probably never been in a war before and has DEFINITELY never been on the front lines of war being that women aren’t allowed on the front lines in war. Yet, she argues that war is just an exaggerated trauma and that “street harassed victims” have been more traumatized that anyone that’s been to war. A statement that this woman can not confirm. How do I know this woman is a feminist? Only feminist females use the terms #womensrights and street harassment within the same statement. I’m sure many women in Afghanistan would disagree with her statement.

How is this a men’s issue? Because feminist women with this kind of “logic” are applying it to every single law that goes through our government. Even president Obama is a feminist, which explains why much of the things he does isn’t for the good of the entirety of the people. This means that instead of thinking about everyone, as in this statesmen, they are only thinking half the community, even to the point where as to belittle large issues in order to make their own look larger. Is this really a voice of equality for all? No it’s the sign of selfishness, and you’re allowing it to have power. Ashley may be one small voice, but she is only repeating what she has been taught by larger voices with power.

Twitter “Harassment”

It kills me, knowing that the word “harassment” today means: anything I’m offended by. It’s a BIG issue being that the accusation of harassment can land you with a fine, a soiled name, and an order of protection that can run your life into the ground. Harassment is so broadly defined by feminists as little as having an opposing view point on a conversation THEY started. Even when a feminist uses a tag to insult the people primarily using it and is confronted by its followers, they will claim harassment simply because someone insults them back.

Harassment actually means a repeated unwanted action, most twitter feminists don’t take that definition into account when they start insulting people online. For example, the tag #womenagainstfeminism is constantly bombarded with insults from feminists, some trolls others just looking through it. These feminists aren’t coming to the tag with opposing view points looking to debate, these are women just insulting the people that use the tag itself (see #womenagainstfeminism page). However, when a person who associates with the tag confronts the offender, they claim they should have the right to use the tag without being harassed.

Sorry, but that’s like saying you should be able to go into a yard with a “beware of dog” sign at its gate, hit the dog in the head, and blame the dog when it bites you. Of course, when I told the woman I was talking with this analogy, she claimed that it “didn’t make any sense”. She even accused me of ‘victim blaming’ when I told her she was the one who started the conversation by using the tag to begin with.

When you use a tag, you’re starting a conversation with that tag, meaning everyone within that thread has full fledged authority to comment on it. This means not just the ones who agree with you, be prepared to fight off the ones that don’t agree with you and embrace yourself for anyone who is going to go wild on you. If you just wanted to make a statement about a certain tag, leave the hashtag mark (#) OFF the phrase. You have every right to say WHATEVER you want about it, but once you apply that mark, you cease to be talking about it and are initiating a conversation with people associated with it. Don’t like it? Tough, that’s the way twitter works.

August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

Every feminist that claims harassment by anti-feminist tweeters usually claim that they’ve been delivered death threats before. I am in no way supportive of death threats, however, every time I request proof of these threats they come up empty handed. Some are even so bold to say they shouldn’t have to supply me with proof of a threat. Also take into consideration that they’re claiming that they’ve been harassed on anti-feminist tags yet willingly reuse the tags over and over. If this ‘harassment’ is so stressful, why voluntarily put themselves through it? Especially when they claim death threats were involved in the past, why continue the confrontation if you actually believe them to be something other than a person blowing smoke? Even if there is proof of a death threat, it always pays to listen to both sides of the story. Too commonly feminist supporters will give you their initial statement with an insult from their confronted…that was made several tweets after the conversation was initiated. I’m empathetic, not an idiot. This is commonly done to prey on empathy from other people so that person can feel justified in their own actions. A common occurrence in people with security issues. They have to have constant reassurance from the outside world with their minds saying “See I was right, they were wrong, look at everyone patting me on the back!” It makes you wonder who is harassing who, by their definition of harassment, I would say the tag itself is the thing being harassed. Yet in the end, no one is harassed unless a person requests that another stop talking to them and is not acknowledged.

Like a puppy dog receiving attention, jumping up and down, and wagging its tail…feminists are constantly in a state of “LOOK AT ME!!” I wouldn’t want to leave ‘equality’ in the hands of people with a constant “give me attention” attitude, because once the spotlight dims, they’ll think of ways to create encore after encore. Do you really want someone with the values of an attention seeker making your laws?

Feminism’s Sexualization Of Girls


How is this a men’s issue? Doesn’t it benefit men that women are becoming more sexual? The answer to those two questions are simple:

  • These are the future mothers and partners that men will have to deal with. If women are encouraged to embrace destructive behaviors then they will pass it along to their children and like any destructive person, they will blame everyone except for themselves. So when the relationship that lands women pregnant comes to an end due to her sexually explicit behavior, she will end up blaming the man. Since women end up with custody 85% of the time, more and more children will end up being victims of the mother’s encouraged destructive behavior while simultaneously hurting the men out of having believed that she is doing nothing wrong and that everything is his fault.
  • No, women becoming more sexual leads to numerous unplanned pregnancies, with laws not changed will eventually lead to more and more men suffering the burden of unwanted fatherhood, bad relationships, and expensive child support.
  • Please also note that boys will be raised by women like this, which will ultimately hurt his maturing process. When this happens boys raised under a parent such as this is more likely to fail in school, repeat the cycle of the broken household, turn to gangs for emotional support and turn to violence for an emotional outlet.