ICASA’s Misinformation

The biggest sexual assault project in Illinois, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA), seems to have a bias against men. ICASA is woven into the system of almost every domestic violence shelter in the state of Illinois. It is used as an information source to these shelters, and in return, shelter information is posted on ICASA’s home page. The information, when looked through, is neither up-to-date or gender neutral. Sure, some of the documents that are presented give great advice when it pertains to what females can do in the case of a sexual assault. They even have an entire document on male survivors. Yet, when looked through, every bit of information completely places emphasis on males being perpetrators and females being victims.

In ICASA’s ‘Acquaintance Rape‘ pamphlet, published 2010, makes the warning of feminine pronouns relating to victims. With letters so tiny you barely notice them, they wrote their reasoning for this as “women are most commonly the victims of sexual assault.”  The ‘notice’ label is easy to miss, most people probably do miss it and start processing information. Without there being a gender-neutral standpoint passer-byes are processing a false picture. Since anyone can be a victim and anyone can be a perpetrator, it is the responsibility of a government-funded program to write it’s information in gender neutral terms. If not, a stereotype is created which makes it harder for the least talked about gender to either receive the help they need, or even be believed. In this pamphlet, all paragraphs that had gender-related pronouns only had females as victims. There were nineteen references to the female being a victim. There was a brief seven sentence section that defined males as victims, but never said he or him once.

Claiming women are most commonly the victims of sexual assault is not only not an excuse for using feminine pronouns, it’s a false statement to begin with. In more up-to-date information it’s been shown that men are just as likely to be victims of rape as women are. This information was found when Cathy Young discovered that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was not categorizing “made to penetrate” as rape, but placed in its own separate category. When categorizing this variable as rape, it was found out that men are raped as much as women. (CATHY YOUNG’S article)

Through ICASA’s “A Guide to Advocacy Services“, something shocking revealed itself. I found that ICASA’s definition of Criminal Sexual Assault was displayed on page 10. Criminal sexual assault is defined as “The attacker used force to sexually penetrate the victim’s body”. I didn’t believe this to be true, after all this means the only way a man could be raped under Illinois law was if he got penetrated by a foreign object. This completely disregards “made to penetrate” as a means of rape under Illinois law. I did more research to make sure it was ICASA’s mistake. I went to the Illinois General Assembly and found it’s definition of criminal sexual assault was unfortunately the same.

A person commits criminal sexual assault if that person commits an act of sexual penetration

I asked myself if the term ‘sexual penetration’ included ‘forced to penetrate and decided to look up the legal definition. According to the United States Department of Justice it’s…

The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.

As you can see, in Illinois you need to actually be penetrated in order to classify, by definition, as being criminally sexually assaulted or raped. Meaning, unless a woman uses a foreign object to a man, she cannot by definition rape him, thus cannot charged with criminal sexual assault. This could be the reason for ICASA claiming that a male being raped by a female is rare, simply because most female perpetrators don’t penetrate their victims. This is a loophole statistics, people see rape as forced to have sex no matter what gender you are. Yet, to keep it looking as though women are raped more often than men, large organizations use legal definitions to hide the problem. They use legal terms of rape to boost their statistics, in order to gain more funding. They’re politically correct with their misinformation, however, if you want to speak regular English men are getting raped as much as women.

Another thing from ICASA that caught my eye was from the “Acquaintance Rape Facts” it displayed the average outdated false statistics, but one made no sense.

50% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol consumption by the offender, victim or both.

Notice how it said the offender or both, meaning one or the other? Looking back at their “Guide to Advocacy Services“, I noticed that on page 11 it states that,

Sexual assault and sexual abuse are crimes. They are crimes even if…

And right there, the very LAST bullet said:

The victim was drunk or unconscious

Since they’re focusing on females as victims, these statements are completely conflicting. Right underneath, another bullet reminds you that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault. This means in this statistic, that if it’s a man who is drunk he is the perpetrator, if it’s a woman that is drunk she is the victim, and if they’re both drunk they still qualify it as rape. This statistic is completely inadequate because it defies any logic at all. If a consumer of alcohol is not in their right mind to begin with; how can they be considered a perpetrator? Should they not be the victim from ICASA’s own information, that claims it’s rape if you have sexual intercourse with the intoxicated? If both parties are intoxicated how can either party be at fault? One is no more in their right mind than the other!

So what does all this mean? Why is this so important? Flat out, we’re being ‘dooped’ right under our own noses. Statistics that may be 30 years or older that “everyone knows to be facts”, side by side with twisted definitions of sexual assault to exclude males, brings big money to female organizations. Organizations that are often headed by feminist groups, the system is designed to keep the dollars rolling into their piggy banks and sometimes straight into their pockets. Using political correctness makes the average person miss the whole picture and creates the image that they want them to see. It makes college women believe they’re being targeted more than men, which in turn makes them both fearful and angry. Resulting in hysteria on school campuses, which then heightens security and pushes people towards creating more ridiculous controlling laws. Losing our rights and freedoms in the hopes that this “high statistic” will somehow come down. While we are too busy running a gendered war, the government is slowly gaining more and more control over our lives, all thanks to NOT categorizing ‘forced to penetrate’ as rape.