Firefighter BRAT

About the woman I’m speaking about:

For some reason this woman (the woman I am speaking OF) thinks that the fire department is being unfair to females and lowers the standards for women so that women can be firefighters. She racially profiles white men, and is only now getting in trouble for it.

How does this relate to men’s issues? If women want and strive for equality, we should not lower our standards, we must learn to press forward to obtain our goals. Bullying the other gender such as in this article, is NOT the way towards equality. I also might add, had this been a white male racially profiling a black woman…the press would have been on it the day it occurred and the man would have been fired, not eight months after the fact. We cannot also expect our judicial system to treat men and women differently, this only hurts men and makes the ‘war’ between the sexes larger. We also must identify that this behavior is unacceptable, we all have dreams, but we need to accept that we must work for our dreams and that they will not be given to us.

Quincy University Gender Studies Professor

On 6/26/2015, I sent a letter to Quincy University’s Gender Studies Professor, Wendy Beller. Feminists keep telling me that I need to get educated, so I decided to go straight to the source. I took a screen shot of the letter before I sent it, just for safety purposes. I don’t expect a reply, but who knows. I will probably send it one more time during the Fall season since it is currently summer, this time with return receipt. I will also, this week, make a follow-up phone call.


My name is Cora Newbold, I’m a 25 year old female, who lives right here in Quincy Illinois, and I am a complete anti-feminist. I used to be a feminist, but that changed when I reached this town. So why am I contacting you? I’m concerned that what you’re teaching the youth in Quincy is complete fiction, definitions learned such as sexism and racism, are misinformation which then reinforces a stereotype that you cannot be racist if you’re a person of color towards a white person, and that you cannot be sexist towards a man if you’re a woman. When people tell me feminism is about equality they tell me to look at the dictionary, when I tell them that they’re being sexist and I tell them the definition by that same dictionary…they say the dictionary is wrong. Sorry, but you can’t pick and choose what definitions are wrong when using the same material and expect me to believe that you have an open mind. SO I’m curious… do you believe that gender studies is realistic representation of what it’s currently like to be a woman in a first world country today? Do you believe that the definitions that are taught of Racism and Sexism are accurate? Do you realize that women who are currently against feminism is on the rise? I’d like to speak to either you or any of your students if it’s possible, and I’d even be open to talking in person if I could. I will also mention, that I am part of the Men’s Rights Movement, the Tag #womenagainstfeminism on twitter, and socialize continuously with other MRAs. My only intention here is to understand.

Thank you for your kind attention,


Hopefully I’ll get a reply or at least, get someones attention.

Men Don’t Tell Movie

A movie made in 1993 which never was released on DVD or VHS due to the backlash from “women’s groups” aka Feminist groups. Why? It paints a reality that women can be extremely violent and it doesn’t take a complete and total wimp to be a victim. This Movie is based on a TRUE story. More Information: Men Don’t Tell Wikipedia