Welding Class

I am the only woman of 12 students, but it has been a great experience. People told me things like, “you’re wasting your brain” to discourage me from doing it. However, it comes to show how ignorant most people are about this course. The amount of math you must know is not thought of. Nursing today is considered a ‘hard field’ and Pele suggested I take it instead, but it wasn’t for me. I tried explaining to many women where I work, including a ‘smart’ nurse that stick welding was nothing more than basic electric theory. However when I tried explaining it was like completing the electric flow in a circut , they acted as though I was speaking a different language.

To believe that welding is nothing more than dumb people performing manual labor is an insult to the intelligence of the men and women who do it professionally. I found that most people believe the men to be stupid and encourage women to not do such things because they’re ‘better than that’ aka more valuable while men are disposable.

I knew the risks before I everapplied, the toxic fumes, radiation, third degree burns, skin cancer, along with the possibility of blindness and hearing loss. I admit reading all that made me scared. However, getting past that part I found that I was relaxed while doing it.

I did my first stick welding only a few days ago, I messed up a few times. Got the electrode stuck and scared myself a few times. But in a few tries, my teacher brought one of my classmates in. The guy had been working with the stick all week. He said, “Did you do that?” I just answered yes. Confused as to what they were talking about, it was my first day doing it. He looked back at the teacher and the old man just smiled. My classmate knew our teacher liked playing around so he said, “You guys are playing with me, he did that,” but I insisted otherwise. He just goes, “okay prove it” so I did. I found out that I was a natural. but the moral is, don’t let anyone talk you out of what you want, you may come to find that you were made to do it. Men and women alike need to quit listening to society’s standards and start following through for themselves. Men need to start thinking about what they want, women need to be encouraged to look into manufacturing, because unless they try it they’ll never know how much they’d love it.

I took a test that looked into my interests career wise before I could get state funding for it and manufacturing received a 6 out of 15. A test isn’t sufficient enough to point you in the right direction. Women need to take more risks and try new things, ┬ámen need to start taking more risks with their own interests in mind.


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