Summation of the year 2015

I held a walk in meeting, this is the very late update of how that meeting went:

I got up, got dressed, got the information I was going to present together and a binder of paper with my laptop. There were several strips that were missing on the fliers I put out. Even with the missing tabs, no one came between the hours of 9am to 12pm that Saturday. There could have been various reasons as to why nobody came. I like to keep that in mind. Besides, before I do have another meeting I feel the presentation at that meeting should be better planned out.

I have been collecting Data on Order of Protection cases from the year 2015 by Gender:

In this very long and not yet finished study, I collected Data from the website of local Adams’ County Court Records to compare the outcomes of Order of Protection cases through out the year. This data includes the gender of petitioners, their defendants, the name of the judges in the cases, and the outcomes of the petitioned orders. If a gender of either the petitioner or the defendant could not be identified they were struck from the data as to not distort the outcome. Same-sex petitioner/defendant cases were not struck from the data. It should be completed by summer of 2016.

I have caught the interest of the Madonna House:

I  made the Madonna House aware that their fliers were not being distributed evenly through out the local community college. That the school was only placing the fliers in the women’s restroom even though there was a significant olive branch within the flier towards Men. This was corrected and the fliers have been placed in the Men’s restrooms. Whether the school has continuously re-posted in the Men’s Restrooms, I’m uncertain due to my busy schedule.

I have gained a few people’s support:

One smoke shop (supporting the freedom of speech), one laundry mat, a mechanic’s shop, and the public library (PLEASE NOTE: the public library does not openly support my views so much as it supports the freedom of speech!).

I backed the kickstarter fund of “the Red Pill Documentary” it wasn’t that much but every dollar counted and I’m happy I contributed! It should be out this year!!

Over all it has been a good year. This month I will start courses towards becoming a certified welder. This will give me the stepping stone I need to both support my family AND support my activism comfortably. I will also be able to get closer to my target audience, as over 50% of welders are males. Since I am a woman, it will not only grant me financial opportunity but I will have an easier time finding people with my same views. After working at least a year in female dominated environments, I’ve seen disgusting things when it comes to many political views. I’ve come across:

  • A woman that believe torture was justified in 99% of the innocent civilians in Iraq (she couldn’t see that not only was it against the constitution, but was a war crime which made us just as bad as the Nazis) but she didn’t care.
  • Several women that debated openly whether to have more children so they could get their income tax when their older children left.
  • Women that openly laughed and joked about cutting up their boyfriend’s clothes, burning them, and destroying their possessions such as putting his xbox in the toilet.
  • A woman who debated how to lie to her husband about being pregnant with a child that wasn’t his so she could get child support.
  • Women openly talking about getting fake pregnancy tests so they could trap the guys into a relationship.
  • A woman that sneaks her boyfriend into work, manipulates clients and the other women who cover her.
  • A woman that believes in the “teach men not to rape” theory, though she believes we should teach everyone not to rape… that made me back off pretty quick.

These are just a few of the things that come directly to my mind when I think of what went on over the past year working in a mostly female environment. It’s very uncomfortable.


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