Walk-In Meeting Has Been Planned

I’ve taken advantage of the study-rooms at the Quincy Public Library, I have booked a room for the North Study Room for November 28 2015. People interested will be free to walk in as they please over a three hour period, spanning from 9am to 12-noon Saturday Morning.

This should give anyone interested flexible hours to show up and talk. Being that it is booked nearly a week or two in advanced, people will have time to plan for the future. If there happen to be more than 4-5 people interested, I will try to book a larger room. This is merely a strategy to get as many people as possible. Fliers will be posted at several locations to widen the net of who is interested.

Gender is not discriminated against, both males and females are welcome to join considering that women have seen the pain of their sons, grandsons, boyfriends, friends, and husbands. We welcome women who are concerned for their male family members.

Hope To See You Then,

Cora Newbold

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  • I will be watching the further developments with interest.

    • Cora Newbold

      who knows, there might be people who show up, it may be empty all day