Madonna House Fliers Posted

Around three months ago, I sent an email to John Wood’s “Dean of Student Services and Registrar” describing my concern about the lack of information available to their male students. Madonna House was now offering their services to homeless males, but their fliers weren’t within male reach.

From: Cora Newbold
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 3:47 PM
To: Leah Benz <>
Subject: Your Bathrooms


I was concerned about the information or lack-there-of, located in your bathrooms. There are fliers and plentiful information in the women’s bathrooms, however, when searching for any information in the men’s bathrooms there are nothing more than information on how to wash your hands correctly.

There are plaques for Quanada, Fliers for the Madonna House both claim to be organizations that help both men and women, yet there is no information in the mens’ bathrooms.

Is it the organizations that request where these items are placed? Do you have any say in where these items are placed? Please know, that without sufficient information and awareness to males, there is no point in making the claim that these organizations are helping males.

However, I simply want to know if you are the responsible party for where these items are placed in the building.

This quickly followed with a reply:

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 2:05 PM, Cody Baggett

Hi Cora,


Mr. Elbe’s office forwarded me your message below. As we discussed the other evening, I will work to make sure we have adequate representation of resources in both the men’s and women’s restrooms on JWCC’s campus.


I want to be clear that we do have programming to educate and provide resources both men and women in the areas that you expressed concern.


As discussed, we will continue to provide awareness opportunities to our community resources to all college participants.




Cody Baggett

Dean of Students & Registrar

After reading this, I waited for a few months before I re-entered the school to investigate if any changes had been made. Though none were made at that point in time, when I went back today, I had a surprise waiting for me.

screenshot-twitter com 2015-11-06 17-12-43 MensBRThe poster on the far right is in the Men’s Restroom. It’s a flier for The Madonna House even though it is described as a shelter for pregnant women and women with children, it is currently taking in homeless men. However, young men at the school wouldn’t have known to even look at the fliers or that the Madonna house was taking in males due to its history of only taking in women. This is why I talked to the school about getting the new fliers placed in the men’s bathrooms, how else would they get the information?

This probably doesn’t look like much, but this feels like a victory. Just realizing it took several months for this to get to this point is unbelievable, I didn’t realize how much time had flown by.


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