The Red Pill Documentary

Cassie Jaye has been getting a lot of criticism for her unbiased approach at documenting the Men’s Rights Movement. Most of the criticism has been thrown at her from Feminists. She responds to these attempts of slander with a video. Remember, the people attacking her are the same people that create our laws, decide what is fair and unfair, and is the ultimate voice/supposed representation of women everywhere.

This video, however, has not stopped David Futrelle’s constant bombardment on twitter. One after another, David Futrelle has showered Cassie with comments. These are the three in reply to her video:

futrelle123But since he doesn’t have any real argument and is getting called out on his bias towards Cassie. Cassie refusing to change her point of view on the subject has created an uproar in the feminist community.  David Futrelle then turns to playing the victim when he has nothing else to fling at her. Even writing an entire article on her “grasping at straws“.


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