Movember is the annual event where the mustache is a symbol of awareness for men’s health issues. These issues include, male depression, Prostate Cancer, Penile cancer and other male related health problems.

Legacy Martial Arts in Quincy Illinois, held a “break-a-thon” this past week. School children had one minute to break as many boards as possible in order to raise money for breast cancer. Donations were made for every board that was broken, while there were also raffles for quilts made out of Legacy’s Martial Arts shirts.

I know the man who runs the place and have even joined him in his fitness class. My question is, will men be remembered in their time of year? I think instead of standing on the sidelines, ready to point my finger at them when they don’t, I will talk to the owner about doing something for Movember. The sad thing is, he probably doesn’t even know it exists.

I’m unsure how this will go, I don’t think many people actually request to raise money for things like this. It’s just not done for some reason. However, things need to change and change only comes for those who speak.



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