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Miranda Devine has a problem with #womenagainstfeminism I decided to leave a comment about the article, I didn’t really appreciate being classified as “Self-deprecating”. The original read:

You do realize that the “patriarchy” is nothing more than a conspiracy
theory where you believe that society is systematically built to serve
men at the expense of women…and you want to call US crazy?


However, within 24 hours it was deleted from the line of comments:

conspiracy theorySo I re-posted the same comment and even added on to it 20 times on the same thread:

Reposting CommentsDon’t talk crap about an opposing party and then wipe out their voice when they defend their honor. I am not self-deprecating simply because I am against feminism. And she will call this ‘harassment’, however, I am commenting on an article that is NOT private, I am one of many who were targets of these accusations, and I am free to protest these accusations.

Then when I went BACK to check on it, they erased everything. She even deleted a comment I made to another person that was explaining my own position on why I re-posted my comment 20 times. Then they blocked me. So I looked at their comments policy I can negate them all

  1. My comment was NOT off topic since I (not specifically me) was part of the target OF the topic
  2. My comment was not defamatory and inflammatory is subjective
  3. there were no threats OR attacks
  4. It doesn’t contain any explicit language
  5. No references to legal cases
  6. Doesn’t contain personal information
  7. No links unrelated to the subject
  8. Wasn’t longer than the itself
  9. The original WASN’T spam, but my others may have been considered spam
  10. I wasn’t attempting to close debate I was OPENING debate
  11. My original comment was opinion based and had a definition of Patriarchy underneath it (I KNOW the definition because it’s been thrown at me enough)

blockedbyaustraliaBlocked for putting it straight forward: Believing that men benefit at the expense of women, systematically, is crazy.


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