Feminist Programming & De-Programming

Programming is a technique used by cults to assimilate new members into its belief system. In a Feminist society every splinter of cultural belief is used to influence a person to believe a certain way. Does the group realize this process? No, all it sees is itself pressing their message. They see their dream being fulfilled through ‘educating’ others.

There’s a difference between cult mentality and a group simply believing in something. Cults use coincidence and cherry-picked facts to reinforce previous beliefs and will never change their beliefs, despite new information. While groups form beliefs based upon facts and will change their beliefs based upon new information. Instead of applying new information to mold their beliefs, feminists will apply new information to reinforce why their belief is right the way it is.

Each phrase in this line of videos intertwines with the other. All of it is believed at once, like a domino effect, you can be in the process of “I should be able to speak my mind”, being extremely rude, yelling crossing boundaries…then get interrupted and claim that the guy wasn’t respecting you (which is emphasized by the belief of “You deserve respect”). (More videos will be added as time goes on)

All these beliefs at once cause women to not learn vital relationship skills. It creates a foundation of assumptions which then has them makeĀ  impulsive choices, in turn it makes their lives miserable. Their lives fall down the toilet, but they use the poor conditions of their lives and broken relationships as evidence as to why:

  1. they need feminism
  2. they are oppressed
  3. people need to help

It’s a constant cycle, only when a woman stops to question whether she is actually oppressed or not does she start out of this cycle. However this means that the woman will have to question her past as well, which is something most women won’t do, it makes them feel less guilty to just say “I’m oppressed by men”. If not she’ll have to start realizing certain things, hard things to admit to.

(Men are Violent excuse) Every bad relationship she’s ever been in was

  • because she chose the man she was with
  • she contributed to the abuse
  • she was the abuser, had the anger issues, and negative habits

(Wage Gap Excuse) She’s living in poverty because

  • she’s lazy
  • she chose to have a child
  • she’s not living within her means (expects more than what she can afford)
  • she’s not planning financially
  • She overspends

(Fat Acceptance Excuse) She’s Obese because

  • She’s lazy
  • She over eats
  • She needs to exercise more

No matter what problem she has, it has to be seen as stemming from a choice she made. This is the key to deprogramming a feminist. Know that even IF a woman denounces the feminist title she can still have feminist habits ingrained into her personality. It’s hard to do and it can only be done by the person themselves, but it’s possible. The best way to have a feminist change, is to have someone she is emotionally attached share their lives with her. A brother, a boyfriend, their son… they need to know the pain of what they’re going through first hand. Almost like an intervention, it’s painful but effective and SO worth it.




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