Feminism’s Sexualization Of Girls


How is this a men’s issue? Doesn’t it benefit men that women are becoming more sexual? The answer to those two questions are simple:

  • These are the future mothers and partners that men will have to deal with. If women are encouraged to embrace destructive behaviors then they will pass it along to their children and like any destructive person, they will blame everyone except for themselves. So when the relationship that lands women pregnant comes to an end due to her sexually explicit behavior, she will end up blaming the man. Since women end up with custody 85% of the time, more and more children will end up being victims of the mother’s encouraged destructive behavior while simultaneously hurting the men out of having believed that she is doing nothing wrong and that everything is his fault.
  • No, women becoming more sexual leads to numerous unplanned pregnancies, with laws not changed will eventually lead to more and more men suffering the burden of unwanted fatherhood, bad relationships, and expensive child support.
  • Please also note that boys will be raised by women like this, which will ultimately hurt his maturing process. When this happens boys raised under a parent such as this is more likely to fail in school, repeat the cycle of the broken household, turn to gangs for emotional support and turn to violence for an emotional outlet.
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