Thought Reform

Thought reform is a proper way of saying “brainwashing”, there are several steps to this formal process. Even though Miss Misanthropist has described the signs that feminism is cult very thoroughly: Signs Feminism is A Cult which I do suggest you read as well. I will specifically be applying the formal process known as ‘thought reform’ from step one to the last as feminist groups would apply it. Know that most cult members do not know they are in a cult, most cult leaders do not realize they are applying cult tactics to keep members in line. This is what makes a cult so dangerous. All steps are based on Robert Jay Lifton’s Thought Reform


STEP 1- Milieu Control: All communication with the outside world is limited, either being strictly filtered or completely cut off. Individuals are discouraged from thinking incorrect thoughts which may be termed as selfish, immoral and so on.

Application: The media is highly censored when it comes to compositions on the subject of Feminism. Any content that describes feminism in a negative light is stamped as “sexist” and denied publishing. This process limits information that gets to “members” (in feminism all FEMALES are considered to be potential members, but must be approved through their actions). Approved media conforms to what feminists want you to hear about the group, nine times out of ten approved media is in support of their cause. Things such as distorted statistics, NOT seeing oppositional figures, NOT seeing ANY scenarios that support the opposition, and only seeing worst case scenarios that support the cause. Individuals are thought of as selfish or immoral if they do not belief in feminist ideals and are often publicly scrutinized. Also, when it comes to social media, people with opposing views are blocked from conversations so that members can speak amongst themselves. This means there is no opposition amongst the group, this is another example of members cutting themselves off from the rest of the world. Large groups of oppositional parties are also silenced through drastic measures, Like in the Men’s Conference, feminists pulled fire alarms. Please take note that when it comes to individuals, women are scrutinized if they DO conform to traditional gender roles and men are scrutinized if they do NOT conform to traditional gender roles.


STEP 2- Mystical Manipulation: The group is taught it has a higher purpose than others outside of the group. All things are then attributed and liked to this higher purpose. Coincidences are portrayed as symbolic events. This association of events is used as evidence that the group truly is special and exclusive.

APPLICATION- Feminists are taught that women are systematically oppressed around the world, that women have it the worst. Men who have feminine qualities are also oppressed under this system. Feminists use coincidences such as the ‘Wage Gap”, the hijab (a cultural phenomenon), or FGM (also a cultural-based phenomenon where females are overjoyed to do so) as proof that there is a systematic oppression that target women specifically by men. They’re taught that anyone outside of these beliefs have been blinded by ‘evil’ of the ‘patriarchy’, are ignorant, and should either be pitied because they don’t love themselves or scorned because we turned into the ‘enemy’. These excuses are devised to get the potentially new member angry with the “other side” and want to do something to combat it. The anger makes them more interested, yet blinded to the facts due to the previous step of isolation and disinformation.

Step 3- Confession: Individuals are encouraged to confess past ‘sins’ as defined by the group. This creates tension between the person’s actions and their stated belief that the action is bad. The consistency principal thus leads the person to fully adopt that the sin is bad and to distance themselves from repeating it.

APPLICATION- Things such as ‘victim blaming’, ‘slut shaming’, or ‘fat shaming’ are considered ‘sins’ that can be confessed. Victim blaming is meant for women in the group to take their attention off the suspected victim and place it on the accused. This creates lack of responsibility on the part of the victim, increases anger towards the male gender (which is from their source of information almost always the perpetrator), and creates a stigma that no matter what the male says the accuser is always a victim by default. Any information petitioned to get to the truth which may potentially blame the victim is considered sexist, and allows disinformation to prosper. ‘Fat Shaming’ is a method used to morph the public into believing that it is their responsibility to make a heavy-set woman feel good, which takes responsibility off the woman. It also considers all images of healthy women encouraging others to get into shape as ‘fat shaming’ and is discontinued. It’s also a sin to think the patriarchy doesn’t exist, to use certain words against females such as bossy, bitch or cunt (unless you’re a feminist saying that to an anti-feminist). Male feminists particularly are shamed just for the fact that they’re males, which to feminism is a sin itself. It makes many men ashamed they are males, embarrassed and/or angry at their own gender through being fed lies or extreme doses of misinformation through steps one and two. They have to “confess” that their gender is horrible because of the coincidental ‘evidence’ presented such as falsified/outdated domestic violence statistics.

STEP 4- Self Sanctification Through Purity: Individuals are encouraged to constantly push towards an ultimate and unobtainable perfection. Not being perfect may be seen as deserving of punishment, which may be meted out by the higher members of the group who are taught that such atonement and self-regulation is a valuable method of reaching higher levels of perfection.

APPLICATION- The group itself is constantly dissatisfied and has an unrealistic belief that:

  • The world will be free of Domestic Violence, rape, and other sources of violence
  • That men and women will be 100% equal, being that they already have equality due to women being good in some areas and men being good in others.
  • That women can be just as certified as men in jobs that require strength, endurance, and speed.
  • That any form of equality can be obtained by focussing primarily on women.
  • Male feminists primarily “bash” themselves and admit to the “sin” of “privilege” to where self-guilt makes him “purer” than men who are not feminists.
  • That any type of quality will be obtained by creating more controlling law applied on a broader spectrum

Feminists constantly believe that they are “purer” than the average person. That they are deserving of better and that they should be given more than they already have. Women in the group believe they deserve more due to being female, while males believe they deserve less. Women in the group believe they’re better than non-feminists due to believing they’re being charitable through their beliefs, that they have a higher level thinking. Male feminists believe they’re better than non-feminist men due to confessing to male privilege, placing his life to feminism/women, and wanting less for himself and his own gender. Remember that steps one and two still apply no matter what step you’re on.


STEP 5- Aura of Sacred Science: The beliefs and regulations are soundproof and perfect, absolute and non-negotiable. Rules and processes are therefore to be followed without question, and any transgression is a “sin” and hence requires atonement or other forms of punishment, as does consideration of any alternative view points.

APPLICATION- Feminists who are at this point are relays for more misinformation, these members are used to conserve steps one and two. They are the people that shame non-members, shame men, and that spread misinformation. Any information that does not conform to feminist beliefs are shunned, criticized, and dismissed as false before looked at. They ensure that only the “truth” can be printed, that all laws conform to feminist beliefs, and nothing is ‘sexist’. Only the group can acknowledge other women as feminists, sure women can self-pronounce as feminists, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be accepted as such. Every move will be watched, women must think a certain way in order to be accepted as a feminist. Women who do NOT accept the feminist view point (as considered by feminists) are labelled with “internalized misogyny”.  Any feminist that “sins” with slut shaming, fat shaming, victim blaming or denounces the patriarchy is considered a transgressor and is subject to shunning, defamation or labelled a liar.  Women who think differently in the favour of boys and men are denounced as feminists. This is considered transgression.

STEP 6- Loaded Language: New words and Language are created to explain the new and profound meanings that have been discovered. Existing words are also hijacked and given news and different meaning. Whoever makes the definition also controls how people think.

APPLICATION- Feminism uses their own dictionary, words such as Internalized misogyny, rape culture, and male privilege are all made-up words to describe something. Internalized misogyny explains why women don’t want to be feminists, while rape culture is a word that explains why rape is so “prominent” in our country. Male privilege explains why women are “oppressed” and women can’t be sexist towards men. Existing words, such as sexism, and racism have also been hijacked and redefined.

  • Feminist definition of Sexism= Prejudice + Power VS. Regular Definition: Sexism= Prejudice on basis of sex
  • Feminist Definition of Racism= Prejudice + power VS Regular Definition: Racism= Prejudice on basis of race

This creates a justification for members to be both sexist and racist without having guilt. This creates a cushion for lack of responsibility so that perpetrators of the regular term will feel justified in being racist or sexist. This also means that certain races or the male gender is unable to defend themselves against feminists that are both sexist and racist. It also means that any feminist based laws that, under the regular definition are sexist, are considered perfectly acceptable. This greases the skids for corruption and prejudice against the opposite sex and oppresses them, while by feminist definition, they’re not being oppressed.


STEP 7- Doctrine over Person: The Importance of the group is elevated over the importance of the individual in all ways. Beliefs and values can all thus be cast as being invalid if they conflict with group rules.

APPLICATION- Personal beliefs such as:

  •  Women who are stay at home mothers, sex workers, skinny models, women who have a career in fitness, women who wear hijabs, women who don’t believe in abortion, or believe men are getting the short end of the stick
  • Men who do not find fat women attractive, who aren’t attracted to “lose” women, and don’t believe women are oppressed.

The belief of the individual MUST be in line with feminist beliefs or they are considered a danger to the system and are cast out, defamed, or criticized. Many stay at home mothers are criticized, the happiness of the individual’s personal choice is not thought of before the feminist belief system. Feminists press for women to go into STEM fields for the “betterment” of women, however do not take into consideration the woman’s happiness with these choices. Women who are NOT feminists are targets of abuse despite the group believing in ALL women deserving respect. Thus, the thoughts of the individual are less important than the group itself.


STEP 8- Dispensed Existence: There’s a sharp line between the outside world and the group. Insiders are to be saved and elevated. Whilst outsiders are doomed to failure and loss. Who is an outsider or insider is chosen by the group. Any person within the group can be damned at any time. People who leave the group are singled out as particularly evil, weak, lost or otherwise to be despised or pitied. Rather than being ignored or hidden, they are used as example of how anyone who leaves will be looked down upon and publicly denigrated. Outsiders who try to persuade the person to leave are doubly feared. Dispensation goes into all aspects of living within the group.

APPLICATION- Women against feminism are women who are constantly despised and pitied, while women like Christina Hoff Sommers are considered evil and presented as liars. They are pointed out by feminists towards other feminists as people to be pitied because they’re ‘ignorant’. They’re considered below feminists because they ‘don’t know’, of course, what feminists obviously DO know. They’re pointed out by feminists as ignorant, they try to convince these women that they don’t know what they’re talking about. They also claim that they can’t think for themselves, yet women who aren’t feminists think for themselves much more than women who are feminists. Women who are not feminists are targeted by feminists in order to either change their minds or abuse them. Ant-feminist women are considered ‘evil’ and are demonized.

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