Manspreading Stupidity

Within the past week, two men in New York were arrested for the feminist act known as “manspreading”. Manspreading is the act of a man opening his legs slightly while sitting down. This is an act, not of privilege or power like its feminist supporters claim, but out of biology and the right to be comfortable. The two men were arrested on a factor that they could not help, having testicles.

A man’s anatomy is completely different than a females and many feminists don’t understand what it’s like to have something between their legs. A man’s testicles are actually extremely sensitive, particularly to heat. The reason for a man’s testicles to be on the outside is mainly for the production of sperm. A study showed that in the male body, holding the legs shut was the biggest way to overheat the testicles naturally. It showed that simply holding their legs together had an increase in temperature of 2.1 degrees Celsius. Even if a man sits for 15minutes with his legs comfortably positioned (not closed), he increases the temperature to his testicles by 1.8 degrees, which cuts his fertility by at least 40%. Now some would say that a man can always stand, but the point is, he shouldn’t have to. No person should be forced to be placed in an uncomfortable position, especially if that uncomfortable position results in long-term consequences. Due to a lack of space, not all man can afford to stand either, so if they have to sit due to health situations they must be able to sit comfortably. The cost of not being able to do so may go beyond just becoming infertile.

Constantly constricting the testicles can cut off blood flow to the testicles, such as sitting with ones legs closed, can cause short term pain and long term problems. Things such as Testicular torsion, a condition that can be caused by prolonged periods of sitting, can cause extreme pain, vomiting and sometimes even permanent damage to the testicle. It more often than not, requires a surgical procedure to correct it. If a man takes public transportation every day twice a day, yet is forced to sit with his legs closed every time, it could result in the permanent damage to a man’s sexual organs. To enforce “manspreading” is to violate his right to genital integrity, general health, and possibly reproductive rights.

There are otscreenshot-spinepainny com 2015-05-31 12-42-24her reasons to a man’s posture, such as leaning back in their chairs. This is due to taking pressure off the testicles. When a man sits up straight he places pressure on his testicles and the pudendal nerve located at the base of the pelvis. Both males and females have this nerve, the body uses it to send messages from the genitals to the brain. However, if a man sits at a 90degree angle upright, his genitals place pressure on the nerve, to where in a female it would not. A man can only close his legs completely and keep his balance if he sits up straight, but because he has to slouch given his anatomy, his legs have to remain open. Applying pressure on this nerve continuously every day, can have both long and short-term effects. Effects such as Erectile Dysfunction, pain, and numbness in the penis are a few. Either way is it really worth it? Also know, that men who wear tight clothing are at greater risk for all of these symptoms.

These are only a few of the health issues that could result if men are forced to sit up, with their legs closed, on a regular basis. However, a space issue that is not talked about screenshot-www backdesigns com 2015-05-31 12-46-30or enforced is what a new twitter backlash tag calls #shebagging. The act of women taking up space with their handbags, umbrellas, feet, and sometimes even pets. Some feminists argue that it is women’s right to have this luxury because they are the ‘oppressed’ sex, yet if women were the oppressed wouldn’t they be the ones getting arrested? I would place the caption on here, however, since I responded to her with that answer she has since erased her comment. May I remind you that the men who were arrested were on a New York subway car at 12am when the train was half empty. They took up two seats with their posture due to their male anatomy. People on the #shebagging tag are putting up pictures of women in the exact same situations, where the cars are not too crowded, yet no one is arresting them.

Might I also remind you that #shebagging is not excused by prevention of medical illness, preserving genital integrity or reducing the symptoms of pain. It is pure rudeness perpetrated by females. While dealing with the ‘manspreading epidemic’, the crime in New York City has increased, homicide alone jumped by 20% by the end of February in 2015. Yet, feminists are focusing on men getting arrested simply for sitting…like a man should. My final thoughts, get over it, let it go, and focus on real problems. Quit calling men out on stupid things, things that you’d find completely normal if you did your research. The name ‘manspreading’ insinuates that only men take up space, which is a sexist gesture itself given the evidence that both sexes take up equal amounts of space when placed in the same situations. The only thing is…men have an excuse for their situation, women have none, yet it’s the men getting arrested. This is not a gesture of ‘equalizing oppression’ or ‘acknowledging a space issue’, it’s a gesture of hate from one gender towards another, a human rights violation, and females aren’t the ones with the targets on them.

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