Quincy Police Department

I feel like I have made a great start towards turning this town into a town of true equality. Small steps forward are still, none the less, steps forward. In my attempt to move past blasting my opinions on social media, I have aimed towards making a difference physically where I am. I have recently contacted the chief of police in Quincy Illinois (my current residence), to bring up a matter I found was related.

The following is my letter sent to Mr. Robert Copley (Chief of Police) along with Fax Confirmation that it was sent/received:


Mr. Copley replied within 24hours, however due to certain circumstances I am unable to post his reply. Yet, when comparing the old page’s phrases with the new, I have found that they have been successfully changed with the suggestions into gender neutral terms. Keeping things gender neutral is extremely important. People can be convinced just through every-day reading of certain myths. Assumptions made on continuously hearing or assimilating the same dis-information, and based upon these assumptions create biased opinions even before knowing facts. They may have only been three sentences, but that’s three less in the support of a double standard.

I have chosen to keep pursuing this matter, the next step would be to try to target the State’s Attorney or the local Domestic Violence shelter, Quanada, into trying to make changes there. Stop Violence Against EVERYONE


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